Vacuum Interrupters

Vacuum Interrupters

Manufacturing a full line of Vacuum Interrupters from 600V through 38kV



Can Lowering Costs Also Lower Your Profit?

Buying goods at a low price is an obvious way to reduce costs and increase profit.  But this is only applicable when you buy lower cost products that offer high value.  Purchasing materials for a lesser price will actually increase your overall expenses if the quality and reliability aren’t high. Greenstone USA offers the solution by providing vacuum interrupters that are an exceptional value in both price and quality. Downtime due to faulty or weak interrupters, delays in shipping and overpriced merchandise all work to decrease overall company profits.


An Exceptional Value In Quality, Delivery and Price:

Quality, delivery and price, these are the three most important factors for most business buying decisions. When you purchase vacuum interrupters from Greenstone USA, you are assured of receiving exceptional value in:


Quality – Our ISO 9001 certified factory has extensive experience in the production of vacuum interrupters that are used all over the world.  With over 20 years of manufacturing and testing experience, you can expect the highest quality, reliability and dependability.


Delivery – Our factory begins the custom manufacturing process immediately upon receipt of your specifications.


Price – The best way to define our exceptional pricing is to compare it to others in the industry.  Supply us with your specifications and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote.

Buying Direct Saves You Time and Money:

Greenstone USA sells direct to you.  We have designed our distribution channel to purposely eliminate distributors and parts houses, this allows you to reap two benefits: lower prices and reliable communication with the factory.

When middlemen become involved in the selling process, confusion can become a factor causing production delays, and product pricing normally increases.  We work directly with your company in order to ensure an effective exchange of ideas and the lowest possible price.


We Stand Behind Our Products:

All interrupters are backed by more than 20 years of manufacturing expertise and come with a full manufacturers warranty.


The Advantages of Vacuum Interrupters:

For over 20 years, vacuum interrupters have served as the power distribution technology that many manufacturers prefer. Circuit breaker manufacturers, machine manufacturers, the utility industry, electrical enclosure manufacturers and others can all benefit from the unique design of vacuum interrupters.




A few benefits of vacuum interrupters include:



 Size – Vacuum interrupters are smaller in size therefore they require less space.


Safety – The unique design of vacuum interrupters offers considerable safety advantages over other types.


Environmentally Friendly Vacuum interrupters are produced from materials that hold no threat to our environment.


All of these features help to support vacuum interrupters as the preference over oil, gas or air filled.



These facts make vacuum interrupters perfectly suited for:

  • Motor starters
  • Switch gear equipment
  • Circuit breakers
  • Load break switches
  • Reclosers
  • Contactors

And a multitude of electrical distribution and protection equipment.